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Dartmouth LR

VMAC is proud to present three video segments from David Blankenhorn’s presentation at historic Dartmouth College, March 30th, 2008, and the second in VMAC’s Marriage Matters Forum. 
The evening presentation was held in Dartmouth Hall. The event was attended by a fairly balanced mix of same-sex marriage advocates and opponents, as well as a number of Dartmouth faculty and members of VMAC.

Dartmouth Hall Night LR

Video Clip #1

David Blankenhorn lecture

Mr. Blankenhorn shares his twenty years of research on marriage, with some thought-provoking conclusions about marriage.

Dartmouth Hall LR

Video Clip #2

Dartmouth Panel LR

Mr. Blankenhorn answers tough questions from a panel of Dartmouth alumni and faculty. The panel was comprised of (R to L):

  • Same-sex marriage advocate Kurt Nelson of the Tucker Foundation, advisor to Dartmouth multi faith programs.
  • Kent Dahlberg, Campus minister and member Campus Crusade for Christ
  • Tom Wilson, Dartmouth graduate, 1966, diversified farmer, decorated Army Captain and Veteran of the Vietnam war.

Video Clip #3

Blankenhorn audience LR

More tough questions and dialogue from the audience

Dartmouth Night LR
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